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Ruse of Engagement 叛逃 Aimee Chan 陈茵媺 as Jessica Chung 钟日嘉/嘉姐 Ruco Chan 陈展鹏 as Carson Chong 庄有正/阿神

PS: Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been having much fun travelling around HK during my semester exchange. :P Haven’t gotten round to visiting TVB City though. :( Btw, I will only update my tumblr (if I even do so). Nothing new will be uploaded on my blog because it’s rly too much of a hassle.

I’m going on exchange to HK!

I dunno if anyone rly reads my blog but perhaps if u have, u’ll realise I haven’t posted any graphics since TVB Awards 2013. Sorry but I’ve been quite busy packing for my student exchange to HKUST, among other matters.

In any case, I’ve somewhat packed. Gonna fly there this weekend! Woohoo it’s gonna be my first time in HK! I know I dun rly chat with the TVB community here but anyone got any tips? Or is anybody headed there too?

Oh btw, got any ideas what gifts from SG I should bring there (I’m prb going to go find 嘉年)?

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LOL Nancy!!!!

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Jennifer | Kwong Nam ‘s Wedding/Ending 

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TVB Anniversary Awards → Kristal & Linda

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Dodo : “This Francis Ng doesn’t seem to be knowing what he’s doing….”